André Frère Éditions

Logotype d'André Frère Éditions, maison d'édition photographique


About André Frère, publisher

Founding partner and publisher at Images En Manœuvres Éditions, after won the Nadar prize in 2011 with Jean Christian Bourcart for Camden, and the historical book prize in 2012 at the Rencontres d’Arles for Les livres de photographie d’Amérique Latine by Horacio Fernandez, André Frère starts his own publishing house in early 2013.

At Images En Manœuvres, André Frère grew several co-editions with some foreign publishers and deals with lots of authors such as Antoine d’Agata, Anders Petersen, Vanessa Winship, Patrick Tournebœuf, Christopher Anderson, Martin Parr, Thibaut Cuisset, Dulce Pinzon, et de jeunes talents comme Marion Gronier, Hana Jakrlova, Arja Hyytiainen ou Alexa Brunet.

Stem form graphic arts and skilled as art director, André Frère always look after shapes, materials and graphic design in his productions, each book sticks to the photographer’s work, in order to serve it and to show it at best.


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