Insert Coins

Christian Lutz

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  • Photographs: Christian Lutz
  • 96 pages
  • 19 x 24 cm
  • 47 colour photographs
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 979-10-92265-29-3
  • Special Edition of Insert Coins avalaible


In Las Vegas, everything seems possible, indifference above all. “Insert Coins is a blues” in the words of the author. Its pace is melancholic and dark, intertwined with a poem that makes the unacceptable watchable, injecting humanity where the die is definitely cast.



Christian Lutz shows a committed approach, he comments on a political, commercial and religious project. Born in Switzerland in 1973, living in Geneva, he started to follow the tradition of documentary photography before engaging in his own path with a singular distance from reality.



With Insert Coins, he felt the need to confront the manufacturing of illusion, the very symbol of entertainment made in USA. And take a close look behind the lights of a system of deleterious values.