Women we have not lost yet

Issa Touma

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  • Pictures: Issa Touma
  • English / Arab
  • 64 pages
  • Paperback, cover flaps
  • 24 x 30 cm
  • 40 colour photographs
  • Co-editon with Paradox
  • ISBN: 979-1-09226-538-5
  • €25

The photographer decided to keep his gallery in Aleppo open, despite the war, or indeed because of it. He tells us: Art is the most powerful army against fanatics, it’s doubtless why they always want to destroy it.

Women We Have Not Lost Yet presents fifteen portraits of women, the first victims of the Islamists.

Le 26 avril 2015, ces derniers ont annoncé leur «grande attaque» sur Alep, des hommes et des femmes sont venus se réfugier dans ma galerie. Nous avons alors décidé de commencer des séances photographiques, comme pour un dernier message, explique Issa Touma.

Syrian woman portrait by Issa Touma

When, on 26 April 2015, Islamic fanatics announced their ‘great attack’ on Aleppo, men and women sought refuge in my gallery. That’s when we decided to begin the photoshoots, as if for a last message, explains Issa Touma.

Photographic portrait by Issa Touma for Women we have not lost yet