Blue Movie

Nicolas Comment

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  • The book Blue Movie signed by the author for €35 instead of €39 until publication. Delivery July 2024
  • Picturess : Nicolas Comment
  • Text: Nicolas Comment
  • 152 pages
  • 16 x 22 cm
  • Swiss binded
  • Softcover
  • 134 colour photographs
  • French/English
  • ISBN: 978-2-492696-20-6
  • *To be released in libraries on september 10th, 2024
  • €39
  • Exhibition from 1/06 to 27/07/2024 at Polka Gallery, Paris

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In this bittersweet adventure, the photographer plunges viewers into the lost paradises of a bygone dolce vita. A visual escape – an antidote to today’s leaden years – where women born of the (new) wave push open the doors of the “Other Saint-Tropez”, dear to Colette and the Fauve painters.


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Collector edition

A HEAD PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE IN 30 X 40 CM FORMAT, accompanied by the exhibition soundtrack on CD, signed and numbered, and an original typescript of the book’s introductory text, signed and numbered by the artist (limited to 7 copies).

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Silver-digital print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325g paper
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BLUE MOVIE / bleu mental – the exhibition
at POLKA galerie


Exhibition from 1/06 to 27/07/2024

Cour de Venise 12, rue Saint-Gilles
75003 Paris, France
T. +33 1 76 21 41 31
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm – Free admission without reservation

BLUE MOVIE / Bleu mental – The book

A singer disappears, a little girl grows up.
Society is contracting. Space is shrinking. The whole world has gotten smaller. These are “the white years” and the driving permits.

The day after Christophe disappeared, Audrey called me: Tomorrow we will leave Paris and the narrowness of our apartments. In Saint-Tropez, life seems to have receded, like a wave. All the bars are closed.

A small group of artists settle into an abandoned house. Friends meet up on the beach. On the sea still floats the little blue flag of freedom. Mental blue…

One night in July, on the chalk-white path of Estagnet which runs along Canoubiers beach, a black shape blocks my way just near La Madrague, the famous house of Brigitte Bardot. It’s pitch black, the wind has risen suddenly, the cane palms are whipping the sky as if trying to scratch it. Their rustling is like a great beating of wings above my head.

Onyx eyes stare at me on the path. I don’t have a camera with me. Only a cell phone to light my steps in the night. I turn it off so as not to startle the animal. A stoic boar blocks my way. Face to face and black on black.

I think of the tales of the hunters from my childhood and slowly back away. The beast doesn’t move. I take a few steps to the side and push aside an armful of canes to hide and look at the sea, suddenly unleashed.

The wind shakes my hair, the milky foam of the waves washes the blackness of the night. In the distance, lights of the “little house” shine into the sea.

Friends await me for dinner. I take a deep breath of the salty air and decide to continue on my way. In front of the gate of the home of “the most beautiful woman in the world”, the coastal path is like a mercury jet under the light of the moon: The Wild Boar has disappeared. The Beast has fled.

Have we dreamed our life ? Have we been living in a dream? The dream of the libertarian Golden Age of the Fauve painters? Taken from “The Birth of the Day” and under the Yellow Zeppelin from Matisse’s painting  “Luxury, Calm and Voluptuousness”. These photographs are for me like freeze frames from a film never shot. Blue movie: the film of our dream life. A Dream-movie. — N.C.

Nicolas Comment is a French photographer and songwriter. He has published numerous  photography books as well as an essay on Bob Dylan and a biography of Jacques Higelin. His work questions the hybrid relationships between photographs, text and rock music. He has also released five albums of songs.

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