Mar Sáez

  • Photographs : Mar Sáez
  • Texts : Gabriel
  • Edition : Laia Abril
  • Design : Underbau
  • Preprint : La Troupe
  • 17 x 22 cm
  • 60 pages
  • Cover with flap
  • 28 colour pictures
  • €20
  • Spanish, English, French
  • To be released on March 12, 2019
  • ISBN 979-10-92265-79-8

Yesterday, while talking to a photographer friend, I told her that each photo book is like a little child, a little birth, a part of you that you share with others. I look at the book and think of all those moments of effort, passion, illusion, tension, exhaustion and frustration too, but above all of that enormous desire to tell a story.



This is how I felt with the photo book “Vera y Victoria” and this is how I feel again now with “Gabriel”.



The photo book “Gabriel” is a visual journey through Gabriel’s transition over the past six years. Photographs of her physical transition are wrapped in sentences from her diaries and help to understand the evolution of her feelings. In addition, the work is complemented by images of his childhood and selfies that Gabriel shared on social networks from 2012 to 2018.



On the project, Mar Sáez explains: “When I met Gabriel in 2012, she had not yet been able to start her hormonal treatment, while psychologically she had buried Isabel, physically there were still remains of her. A year later, she received the psychological report allowing her to begin her treatment and, when the first physical changes took place in her body, she began to discover the meaning of the word happiness.