Rouge était sa couleur

Colette Pourroy

  • Photographs : Colette Pourroy
  • Text : Colette Pourroy, Michel Meiffren, Laura Serani
  • 16,5 x 19,5 cm
  • 64 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 31 duotones pictures
  • French / English
  • €22
  • To be released 27 august 2019
  • ISBN : 979-10-92265-8-42


Red was her color

For Colette Pourroy, introspection and artistic exploration are intimately connected. Over time her personal writing has come to impose itself as an artistic statement where photography is the true language for reproducing the real just as much the imagined, events and their echoes. Hidden for a long time, this writing has finally emerged as the specific project of recounting her life story and that of her loved ones. Since then, through both visions and reminiscence, Colette Pourroy has been relentlessly exploring her family saga, their avowed and disavowed stories, pain and nostalgia.

Here the figure of the mother dominates. Under the influence of her magnetic writing, we follow her through a labyrinth of clues, allusions and illusions. Without the narrative thread, only our imagination can help us find our way as we interpret the scattered signs she leaves for us amid these pages.

The shadow of the absent father that traverses the first series, and the uneasiness, the fear and phantoms that surface from the series on her sister all give way here to an omnipresent yet evanescent sense of mystery and fascination for the female body of a mother.


The unique poetry of Colette Pourroy’s visual universe feeds on very personal emotions. The portrait of a young woman and the staged appearances of her counterpart reinforce the sensuality, the force and the femininity of the protagonist of this new tale, of this mother who so loved the color red. Her daughter has chosen to translate this into black and white.

From the very first images, the tone alludes to a love story overshadowed by a dark presage. The lightness of first loves is quickly darkened by the appearance of closed doors and locked-up bodies.


A suitcase, stiletto heels dancing on tiling, a frozen typewriter and flashes in the dark evoke the painful repetition of departures and separations. Loneliness invades these spaces, footsteps in the snow diverge as they drift away, glass walls erect themselves as barriers and a starless night descends over the countryside and into a house.


This universe, inhabited by errant souls searching for loved ones or a dream family, exudes desire and its impossibility. Colette Pourroy continues her inner voyage, overturns memories, breaks taboos and repairs… Over the course of this journey, her singular, spellbinding writing affirms itself as her magic renders visible the invisible.

Laura Serani