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Corpus by Antoine d’Agata


SMITH by Christine Ollier


Ève Réincarnée by Colette Pourroy

“These images seem haunted by the train of memory that inexorably pursues its course from childhood to adulthood. Dormant yet resistant, they recount a story that until now remained on the threshold of words and whose photographic transposition constitutes a palliative remedy to the pain of enunciation”. Héloïse Conésa

Faubourg Treme by Alexis Pazoumian

Couverture de Faubourg Treme par Alexis Treme
“There are many similarities between Louisiana and my country of origin, Armenia. That they are a victim of a natural disaster or a crime against humanity, a doggedness of the history(story) bruised these populations, but never overcame, on the contrary even, their fighting spirit… Here, as in my travels, I have witnessed a people faced with a key issue : the reconstruction. A survival instinct transcend these women, men and children. It is this vital force which I wanted to retranscribe in this series, bringing me to these people, where the strength of their expression view each of my portraits.

Nordic Noir by Sébastien Van Malleghem

Couverture de Nordic Noir par Sébastien Van Malleghem
“In ‘Nordic Noir’, with breath-taking and timeless landscapes, scenes of life and harsh portraits, the series is closer to a constellation than a linear path. In the explosion of emotions that is the series, Sébastien Van Malleghem finds the right balance between the sublime and the banal, between the grandiose and the intimate.” Marie Papazoglou (extract).

Regla by Nicola Lo Calzo

Couverture de Regla par Nicola Lo Celzo
“In ‘Regla’, Nicola presents a magnificent view into current Cuban uncertainty, where the themes of marronage and resistance offer an alternative to the twin towers of communist regimentation and touristic exotica, both reliant on folkloric kitsch. Instead, the autonomous and historically continuous Abakuá represents self-curation and definition, answering the Cuban Kongos rhetorical question: ¡¿Somos o no somos?! (‘Are we, or are we not’!)”
Dr. Ivor L. Miller

L’autre rive by Émeric Lhuisset

This book, a tribute to the ones forced to leave their country to find shelter elsewhere, is entirely  printed on cyanotype. The photographs will not be fixed, they will evolve with the sunlight, to be replaced by blue monochromes. The blue of this sea in which so many vanish, but also the blue of Europe.
This book is limited to 100 numbered and signed copies. Each copy includes 43 cyanotypes, each printed manually by the autor. Grand Prix Images Vevey – Prix Leica

We invite you to discover Nicola Lo Calzo’s “Regla”, to be released on early September and “Nordic Noir” by Sébastien Van Malleghem on late September.

Couverture de Regla par Nicola Lo Celzo


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AITHŌ – Antoine d’Agata

Aitho's photo book cover by Antoine d’Agata published by André Frère Éditions

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