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A – New york 1989-93

Antoine d’Agata

Vera y Victoria

Mar Sáez

Push the sky away

Piotr Zberski

Max Pam

Bernard Plossu

Alberto García-Alix

Nicolás Combarro

Last Water War, Émeric Lhuisset, André Frère Éditions
Last water War

Émeric Lhuisset

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Last Water War, Ruins of a future
Emeric Lhuisset

Alberto García-Alix

Insert Coins
Christian Lutz

Rockabilly 82
Gil Rigoulet

During Summer, discover the new Phenomena by Peter Helles Eriksen, Sara Galbiati & Tobias Selnæs Markussen.

Close Encounters With People Who Believe in UFOs

What is it that lies behind UFO phenomena? Is it just a commercially profitable story, a delusion with social consequences, a religious myth, or even a physical phenomenon? Through an investigative journey through the states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen and Tobias Selnaes Markussen, have documented an alternative religion—a religion where neither God nor mankind is at the centre of the universe. The book examines the human need for faith through extensive research and collected data on the modern myth of ETs and UFOs. It strives to achieve an understanding of this modern aspect of humanity’s eternal search for substance and enormous fear of meaninglessness.


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Insert Coins – Christian Lutz

Valparaiso – Alberto Garcia-Alix

Valparaiso – Anders Petersen
Couverture de Valparaiso par Anders Petersen, publié par André Frère Éditions


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AITHŌ – Antoine d’Agata

Aitho's photo book cover by Antoine d’Agata published by André Frère Éditions

COSMOS – Bérangère Fromont

Cosmos par Bérangère Fromont publié par André Frère Éditions

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