Giona Mottura

  • Photographs : Giona Mottura
  • 88 pages + 3 inserts 4 pages
  • format 17 x 24 cm
  • softcover
  • 56 colour pictures
  • French – Italian – English
  • ISBN : 979-10-92265-61-3
  • € 25


DIANE a documentary photobook journey on the life of a transexual singer in Switzerland

“Diane is a singer dwelling in the small village of Boveresse close to Môtiers in Val de Travers, Switzerland.
Involved in the cultural events of her city till 2009, she now spends most of her time to create music as well as working on defending the LGBT cause (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual).
Her rebirth and her under covering of life, Diane shares her history by song, she composes and sings melodies inspired among others by Brel, Brassens or Vian.



I knew Diane in 2013, at the vernissage of her first album. Since then I have really wanted to investigate the meaning of the term change. Diane appears to me as an example of courage in the simplicity of a profound decision.



Issues related to gender studies, the attention of life and development of the LGBT movement, as well as the issue of territory and its culture are among the themes of this book.


Je souhaite que la confrontation à ces idées et principes clés, la possibilité d’en parler simplement à travers un langage métissé entre la photographie, l’anthropologie et l’écriture, puissent encourager les débats et les échanges et désacraliser un bon nombre de clichés présents, parfois inconsciemment, en nous.


I hope that the confrontation with these themes, the possibility of speaking simply through a mixed language between photography, anthropology and writing, can encourage debates and exchanges and desacralize a good number of clichés that exist for people, sometimes unconsciously.
In the current social and political landscape, it seems important to me to facilitate the approach and discussion around these subjects.



The point of this work lies in the desire to tell a very charged and complicated story, doing it in a natural human and genuine way, like the way Diane deals with her choices”.
Giano Mottura.

Giona Mottura, born in 1985 in Bologna, currently living in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Main Exhibitions: 2016 “Diane” selected for a collective exhibition, Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne 2015 “Emerentia” Projection at Bourg with the “Collectif 15”, Lausanne, Switzerland 2014 “Hordes et Nuées” , collective exhibition at Festival Images, Vevey, Switzerland 2014 “NOISE”, collective exhibition with the “Collectif 15“ at Festival Images, Vevey, Switzerland 2012 “Black & Color, Acids Colors”, personal exhibition at Panenka, Bologne, Italy
Stdies: 2013-2015 Master in Photography at CEPV, Vevey, Switzerland 2007-2012 Bachelor in Ethno-Anthropology, University of Bologna, Italy Workshops during the master at CEPV : André Cepeda, Roberto Greco, Hellen Van Meen, Reiner Riedler, Claus Goedike, Donnigam Cumming, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Grégoire Alexandre, Petros Efstathiadis, Guillaume Herbaut, Anne Golaz, Bogdan Konopka, Geert Goiris, Eric Nehr, Stanley Greene, Phillippe Brault, Rudolf Steiner, Patrick Hari and Stefan Burger, Martin Kollar